Cullompton Arts Festival 2022
9 Apr

Creative Cullompton were pleased to be able to support the Cullompton Arts Festival in July 2022.

We were able to fund a large marquee to host the varied programme which included performances, workshops, music, history and talks. In addition, the festival made great use of the Creative Cullompton stage.

The festival provided the perfect place for the debut of BLAZE! a new production by created ACTiv8 Cullompton’s Youth Theatre supported by Creative Cullompton. The show is a modern telling inspired by real historical events that took place on our High Street. Two performances were held, each to sold-out crowd.

We were thrilled to welcome internationally renown singer-songwriter Alex Hart who performed a live concert ‘Alex Hart & Friends’. In addition this gave six local people a chance to perform to support Alex at the concert, each having attended a songwriting workshop lead by Alex in the run-up to the gig.

Creative Cullompton was also able to support local theatre company Next Generation Theatre to showcased their Three One-Act Plays.